Dr. Jack Martin

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Interactive, Experiential Teaching

Gokart built by students
Riding a Segway

Applying Knowledge to Make A Difference

Sustainable Jack serves as a researcher on environmentally sustainable systems for the Lowlander Center.  In this role, he works with MIT and Harvard and the Roosevelt Project. In January of 2023, he was part of the conference for Defining Community for Climate Resilience and Energy Transition at Harvard University.
Dr. Jack Martin at Defining Community for Climate Resilience and Energy Transition Harvard University, January, 2024

Jack at Skema University Guest Faculty at SKEMA (SCHOOL OF KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY AND MANAGEMENT), a global school that prepares the business talents of the 21st century – responsible, mobile, multicultural, entrepreneurs with abilities to manage information, data and knowledge. Multi-accredited, the school is recognised worldwide for its research and its programmes of excellence. A pioneer in the development of a proactive international strategy, SKEMA’s positioning is based on the desire to change the traditional business school training model to better respond to new economic, societal and environmental challenges. This unique positioning combines excellence, hybrid teaching and multicultural experience. https://www.skema.edu/skema/about/about-skema

Space Academy for Educators, Expedition 36

The weeklong program includes authentic astronaut training simulators and activities developed to promote learning in a classroom setting. Curriculum includes NASA-inspired lesson plans and is correlated to the National Science Education Standards. https://www.rocketcenter.com/SpaceCamp/Educators
To see more about my adventure, click on the Space Academy title.

Where I've taught, what I've taught, research guidance,
presentations, workshops, publications, and certifications

Instructor/Senior Lecturer

Appalachian State University, Technology & Environmental Design,      Appropriate Technology, Boone, N.C.

Alamance Community College, Sustainable Development, Alternative   Energies, Graham, N.C.

NC A&T University, Manufacturing Systems, Greensboro, N.C.

Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, N.J.

Program Developer, Handy Village Institute, Saxapahaw, NC

Volunteer University Instructor-Maxwell Air Force Base, AL

Courses taught

 Sustainable Structures,   

Society and Technology,    

Quality Management*, Electric Bike Technology*,   

Regenerative Economics*,   

Sustainable Resource Management*,  

Benefits of Biofuels,  

Renewable Energy*,  

Technological Innovation*,  

Productivity- Measurement/Analysis*,  

 Sustainable Transportation *,  

Water/ Waste Water Technologies*,  

Energy and Power,

Advance Manufacturing*, Wind & Hydro,  Green Business,         

*graduate level (ASU, ACC, TESU and NCA&TSU)


Student Research Guidance

            Solar Electric Rescue Boat

            DIY Electric Bikes

            Revision of a Training Manual for CNC Code

            Training Components for Micro-Hydro Demonstration

            Business Plan for a Renewable Energy Installer

            Environmentally-Conscious Manufacturing Survey

            North Carolina Environmental Education Survey

            Business Plan for Wind Turbines in NC

            Remanufacturing Facilities for Wind Generation

            Recycled Plastic for Safety Barriers

            Handmade Cigars and Humidors

            Building Overshot Waterwheels

            Demonstration and test Facility for Small Scale Wind

            Building an Alcohol Distillation Device

            Electric tractor

            Electric Bike

            Solar Bike

            Electric Motorcycle

            Electric go cart (solar)

            Tiny House and Tipi

            Geodesic Dome




Smart Fabrics Summit, Advanced Textiles Association, NCSU

US Air Force Auxiliary- NC Wing Conference, Bringing Sustainability             to the USAFA


American Fabric Association, Solar Integration into the Marine    Environment

 US Air Force Auxiliary-NC Wing Conference, Light Solar Vehicles

 IME South, Advanced Battery Training

2021 American Fabric Association- Solar Powered Boats           


Solar Powered Light Electric Vehicles, Homemade Wind Turbines

Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Display

Association of Technical Management and Applied Engineering             National Conference, Charlotte, NC-  Planning Committee

2019 Digital Energy, Light Solar Electric Vehicles, Frontiers in Green and         Sustainable Energy conference, Toronto, Canada

2019 Wind poster, Light Solar Vehicles, American Solar Energy Society            National Conference, Minneapolis, MI

2018 “Homebrew” Wind Turbines for Integration into Small-Scale        Renewable Energy Systems , ASES National Conference, Boulder CO

2017 Cooperative Housing Initiative, Lowlands Institute, Houma, LA

2017 Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo, Tampa, Fl

2017 Distributive Energy, Handy Village Institute, Saxapahaw, NC

2016 Emergency Housing, Glen Raven Initiative, Elon University

2015 Wind Turbine Coop, Handy Village Institute, Saxapahaw, NC

2014 ATMAE Conference, STEM Cycle Program, Maker Movement, St. Louis,   MO

2014  NC Bike, History of Cycles, LEVA Training, STEM Cycles, UNCG


2014  Science Week Keynote Speaker, IBM Research Triangle, NC

2013 Evchallenge Breakfast – STEMCycle Challenge, Research Triangle Park, NC

2012   ATMAE Conference,  EPA P3 Competitions, EV Training, Nashville, TN

2011   ATMAE Conference, Community Renewable Energy Workshop, Cleveland, OH

2008   “Focus on the Future, Plugging In To the Sun: Sustainable           Transportation”, Boone, North Carolina

2007   American Solar Energy Society, Home Grown Biofuels, Forum    Moderator, Cleveland, Ohio

2007  Students United for a Responsible Global Environment, “Clean and       Quiet Transportation” Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

2007  Southern Energy and Environment Expo, “Biofuels Panel Discussion”,

             Asheville, North Carolina

2003  International Society Industrial Technology, “Sustainable Solar Transportation Education”, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2003   American Solar Energy Society, “Projects in Sustainable Transportation, Solar Energy and Emerging Transportation Systems”            Austin, Texas

2003   National Association for Industrial Technology, “International   Collaboration over the Internet”, Nashville, Tennessee

2002   Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Forum Moderator    “Energizing Schools-Energy Curriculum” Albany, New York

2001   Northeast Sustainable Energy Association,  Event Planner “ Energizing             Schools- Energy Projects”, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

1999  Carolina Recycling Coalition, “Manufacturing Toward Sustainability”    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1998   Red Clay Environmental Conference Panel “Getting to Zero:       Innovative Solid Waste Strategies” Red Clay School of Law, University      of Georgia

1998   National Recycling Coalition, “Zero Waste and Integrated Resource      Recovery Facilities”, Orlando, Florida

1996  Environmental Training Project for Central and Eastern Europe,           “Municipal Waste Minimization Strategies”, Consultant Report-        Slovakia, USAID

1995   17th Annual Canadian Waste Management Conference, “Towards a      Sustainable Environment” Quebec City, Quebec

1994   National Environmental Training Center, U.S. Environmental     Protection Agency, Compost Training,

            “The Future of Composting in Discard Disposal” Morgantown, West      Virginia

1990   Recycling in My Backyard Conference, “Let’s Talk Markets and Procurement Policies” Wheeling, West Virginia

1989   International Conference on Technology and the Environment, “WE     RECYCLE- an Integrated Facility Idea”, Nashville, TN

  2018 “Homebrew” Wind Turbines for Integration into Small-Scale       Renewable Energy Systems , ASES National Conference Proceedings

  2016 STEM Cycle Workbook

  2015-Present Electric Bike Maintenance Manual, Gerhardt                            Engineering

  2014 LEVA training Material

  2009 Alcohol, New Society Publishers, Review

  2009 Windpower, New Society Publishers, Review

  2008 Biodiesel Smarter Magazine article, Compost Fire╙, Issue #4

  2008 Greening of Biodiesel, Amy Townsend, Schiffer Press, Review             and Interviewee

 2008 Grid Beam, New Society Publishers, Technical Review and                  Contributor

 2008 Small is Possible, New Society Publishers, Review

 2007 Alcohol is a Gas, New Society Publishers, Technical Review

 2006 Green Business (Five part model for Creating an                                     Environmentally Responsible Company), Amy Townsend,                        Schiffer Press,

2006 Plug-in Hybrids, New Society Publishers, Treatment Approval & Technical Review

2004 Paul Hawkins Interview, Heartstone Journal, Warren Wilson             College

 2003 Practical Experiences with Sustainable Transportation,                        Proceedings, International Society for Industrial Ecology (Peer                      Reviewed)

2002 Introduction to Manufacturing Laboratory Workbook, NCA&T             Press

 999 Environmental Quality Management: Survey of Manufacturers,  NCA&T

 1998 Environmental Technology Consortium Newsletter, Editor

 1998 North Carolina Environmental Education Survey, NCA&T Press

   1996 Municipal Waste Minimization Strategies, Environmental         Training Project for Central and Eastern Europe, Consultant,                       Report-Slovakia, USAID

 1996 Observation and Solutions Presentation Manual, Translated for Slovakian and Polish government officials

 1996 Waste Management, Vol 1&2, Agriculture and Environmental             Technology, Teacher Press

1995 Environmental Institute Proposal, Auburn University

1995 Grant Policy Guidelines for West Virginia Solid Waste                        Management Board

1995 A Sampling Protocol for Composting, Recycling, and Re-use of            Municipal Solid Waste, Journal of Air & Waste Management                       Association, School of Public Health, Harvard University

1994 West Virginia Solid Waste Management Plan, submitted to the EPA           

1994 Integrated Resource Recovery Facility Report: Cost   Comparisons of Two Sizes of Facilities, Urban Ore, Berkley,  California

 1994 Five year Strategic Vision, South Carolina Environmental             Training Center Requirements, Needs and Desires, Class Policies and Budget, Student Assessment Instrument, Pre-Test and Post-Test

 1993 West Virginia Blueprint, WV Extension Service (peer reviewed)

 1992 Observation and Solutions to Garbage Dilemma, Teachers Press WVU

 1992 Monongalia County Solid Waste Management Plan, Submitted to  WVSWMB

Training and Workshop Leader

2023  Modular Solar 5kW

2022 Solar Vehicle Workshop- Sun Trip

2022-present TEVA Battery Training

2022-present Solar Power Trailer

2021   IUU 5 models

2017- Tiny House Design, Integrated Utility Unit, Handy Village Institute

2016-present    Home Built Wind Turbine, Handy Village Institute

2013- present  STEM Cycle Workshops

2012   Light Electric Vehicle Association Phase 1,2,3,4 beta training

2011   Electric Vehicle First Responder Training NAFTC

2011   Electric Vehicle Conversion Workshop TEVA

2011   Electric Vehicle Basics Review

2010-2017     North East Alternative Technology (NEAT Rally) NCCAR

2009   Electric Vehicle Maintenance workshop

2009/2016    Solar Boat Workshop

2009   Solar Bike Workshop

2009   Build your own wind generator workshop (MREA)

2009   Build your own Gasifier workshop (MREA)

2009  Electric Auto Conversion (4 day workshop)

2008   Field Editing for Video Production (3 day workshop)


  • Bosch Electric Bicycle technician training

  • Home Built Wind Turbine week, Handy Village Institute, Saxapahaw, NC

  • Home Built Wind Turbine week, Mid West Renewable Energy Association MREA, Stevens Point, WI.

  • PV 351L Tools and Techniques for Operation and Maintenance Lab Week, Solar Energy International (SEI), Center for Renewable Energy Training Advanced Solar Electric Academy

July 2014 – Present

  • PV 301L Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based)

Solar Energy International (SEI), Center for Renewable Energy Training Advanced Solar Electric Academy

July 2014 – Present

  • PV 203 PREP Battery-Based PV System Fundamentals

Solar Energy International (SEI)

June 2014 – Present

PV201L: Solar Electric Lab Week (Grid Direct).Solar Energy International, Center for Renewable Energy Training

July 2013 – Present

Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma. North Carolina State University

June 2013 – Present

  • Renewable Generation with PV. Solar Instructor Series

June 2010 – Present

  • Advance Design and Installation of Photovoltaics.

Solar Instructor Training Network, SunShot, DOE

June 2013 – Present

  • Solar Business Basics

Solar Instructor Training Network, SunShot, DOE

October 2013 – Present

  • Practical Aspects of Renewable Energy Project Development. Solar Instructor Training Network, SunShot, DOE

November 2013 – Present

Hands on PV Workshop. SunPower Corporation, NC Solar Center, NCSU

May 2013 – Present

  • Certificate of Attendance. Singularity University

July 2012 – Present

  • Electric Bike Technician Certification Course Levels 1,2,3,4,5

International Light Electric Vehicle Association

October 2013 – Present

  • Instructor- LEVA levels 1,2,3,4,5

International Light Electric Vehicle Association, License LEVA JHM-3

October 2013 – Present

  • NAFTC Professional Development-Nissan LEAF & Electric Drive Vehicle Infrastructure Training. National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium, WVU

July 2013 – Present

  • Electric Drive Vehicle Technician Train-the-Trainer(Link)

National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium, WVU

May 2013 – Present

NAFTC Professional Development-Chevy Volt & Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training. National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium, WVU

July 2011 – Present

First Responder Safety Training for Electric Vehicles. National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium

August 2012 – Present

  • Certified Senior Technology Manager. Association of Technology Management & Applied Engineering

January 2009 – Present

  • Certified Senior Industrial Technologist. National Association for Industrial Technology

January 2003 – December 2013

  • Biofuels Education and Training

Career Education in Renewable Energy Technologies (CERET) & NREL

June 2013 – Present

  • Sustainable Energy and Environmental Training (SEET)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

July 2010 – Present

  • Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Instructor Trainer Educator, Cadre member

American Red Cross- First Aid/ CPR/ Water Safety/ Disaster Preparedness

May 1975 – May 2003