Dr. Jack Martin

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In the early 2000s, Jack became involved with  TS Designs, a Burlington company.  TS Designs is globally known for their cutting-edge ideas about sustainable clothing and is one of the few NC textile companies to survive NAFTA.

At one point, they created a fellowship to explain why they and Jack hung around together so much.

Since then, Jack has consulted about sustainability projects; he has traveled to conventions and on marketing trips. Some projects done with or supported by TSD include:

  • Burlington bio-diesel coop
  • Bio-gas and gasifiers
  • Ethanol
  • Wind turbine
  • Solar energy
  • Hosted community college courses
  • Home to the portable solar array

The company car is now electric, they have a public charging station, and host the Triad Electric Vehicle Association monthly meetings.

From a TS Designs Newsletter

Jack’s association with TS Designs has led to an interest in innovation in fabrics, including “Smart Fabrics.” 

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