Dr. Jack Martin

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Jack has been involved in many grant applications and has received many.

Lowlander Institute, modular solar                                                              $25,000

ASU Sustainable Technologies- TEVA Battery module                                 $2,000

ASU REI  Solar bike                                                                                              $3,000 

Amerityre research, Triad Electric Vehicle Association                                $10,000

DOE “Hero X”, program American Made Solar (proposal editing)              $50,000

Alamance Community College intern program                                           $339,276

Alamance Community College/TS Designs Sustainability Initiative            $15,000

                        Matching Funds                                                                         $143,000

Appalachian State University:

      Student Research oversight (proposals)                                                      $5,400

People, Prosperity, Planet (P3) collaborator:

        P3 Haircut 101                                                                                            $100,000

        P3 Gasification; Closing the Loop         (full funding)                               $90,000

        P3 Ethanol and Biogas from Coffee Waste (initial funding)                   $15,000

        P3 Algae Biofuels (initial funding)                                                                $15,000

        P3 Boone Bicycle Initiative                                                                           $15,000

        P3 Affordable Bioshelters Project (full funding)                                       $90,000

        P3 Closing the Biodiesel Loop        (full funding)                                      $90,000

National Environmental Training Center- Electric Car Safety                        $10,000

South Carolina Environmental Training Center 1994-1995

                        US EPA   (section 109b, Clean Water Act)                                $300,000

SC Department of Health and Environmental Control                                 $117,000 

Back Flow Prevention Program Development                                               $100,000

Economic Regenerations Project, Morgantown, WV 1984-1991                  $20,000

                  Home Weatherization Project                                                          $10,000

                  Decker Valley Recycling Project, Rock Forge Neighborhood       $10,000

                        Follow-up funding                                                                        $35,000

                  Energy-Efficient Housing Project                                                       $3,000

                  EPA Clearing House, Small Flows                                                    $15,000

Peace Corps in Nepal (windmill and windpump) 1979-1980                             $600