Dr. Jack Martin

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Jack at 15
Playing sax at Warren Wilson College. Jack was also in the choir and went to Vienna, Austria.
Jack in the Peace Corps
From an article in Mental Floss Magazine
Personal solar bike
Celebrating TEVA-NC Award
During filming for the Nexstar TV project
You are more likely see Jack in a t-shirt and flip flops. (Here his namesake's road.)

Dr. John H. Martin
Appropriate Technologist


For several decades,  Dr. Jack Martin has been an active researcher and lecturer on a broad range of environmentally sustainable systems. His background and experience cross many lines of specialization and he integrates his knowledge, skill, and experience in creative and impactful ways. 


Teaching at several universities and institutions, including Appalachian State University, SKEMA, NC A&T, West Virginia University, Thomas Edison State University, Alamance Community College, and the North Carolina Clean Energy Center, he has developed curriculum at all those institutions.  He has consulted with businesses in the area of sustainable technology: mentoring, kickstarting small businesses, judging student competitions and designing new ideas, and projects around the world: Peace Corps/Nepal, UN/India, USAID/Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Central, and South America. 

In high school, Jack began his love of theater, radio, and service. At age 16, he was the school bus driver and he also worked in the local radio station, hosting his own show. He sang in a gospel choir and was involved in many roles in theater production. He continues to follow his passions to this day. 

Jack’s appetite for science and technology was whet while at Warren Wilson College, where he majored in Biology.  He built an aquaculture center, including a geodesic dome, on campus with his first grant.  He was involved in making the campus OSHA compliant by teaching first aid classes and worked on the Campus Crew where he learned to work on vehicles and drive heavy equipment.  He worked on benching the hillside beside the soccer field and worked on river clean-up. 

His year in seminary made it clear it wasn’t his path.  However, he met his wife there and she became a Doctor of Divinity and pastored several churches during her lifetime.  Of his three children, two are ministers. 


But his passion for science and technology called him to continue his education at West Virginia University, the only place at that time to offer an advanced degree in Appropriate Technology  He earned his Masters (Comparison of Food Conversion Ratios of Tilapia in Three Body Sizes) and his dissertation was developing a sampling protocol for the analysis of municipal solid waste for rethinking, reusing, recycling, and composting. His teaching assistantship was sponsored by a National Science Foundation grant. 

Not one to limit himself to academic knowledge, he was a technical advisor to the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board for five years.  He also started and ran recycling and composting companies. He developed workshops and a grant program for Rust Belt areas to develop grassroots business incubators,  with the Economic Regeneration Program of the Synod of the Trinity of the Presbyterian Church.  There he worked with Bob Rodale, John McKnight, Stan Halleck, Howard Brown, Medard Gabel, and Hazel Henderson (all sustainable technology luminaries).  He was a host for the West Virginia Peace program, where he encountered and became friends with Frances Moore Lappe (of Diet for a Small Planet) and comedian, writer, activist,  Dick Gregory.


Jack is a certified DOE/Solar Instructor on the design, installation, commissioning, and performance testing of renewable energy systems. He is the Founder and President of the Triad Electric Vehicle Association. Some of his successful collaborations include:  Organic Transit, Green Cycle Design, Light Electric Vehicle Association Tech Training and OutriderUSA.  


A keen supporter and advocate for solar energy and transportation, Jack helped organize and took part as an official in the Tour de Sol, EVChallenge, Solar Bike Rayce, SunRayce, American Solar Challenge, World Solar Challenge, Shell Eco-Marathon, STEM Cycle Challenge, the Solar Decathlon and the EPA P3 competitions.  In 2009 at age 52, an “athletic” Jack Martin almost made the cover of ESPN magazine in the sport of hypermiling.  (NASCAR driver Carl Edwards gets 4.5 miles per gallon.  Dr. Jack Martin gets 125.)  A bigger breaking story took the cover. 


From proposals written and collaborations, he sparked the generation of millions of dollars in grants.  Jack has developed an extensive network in the renewable energy and transportation industry.  He continues to be in touch with a variety of students who hold positions in sustainable technology around the region and world. Since 2005, he has been Producer/Co-host of the ‘Home Power Hour’, radio/TV show and recently consulted and appeared on the pilot for a morning show series for Nexstar Media.


Jack is a Senior Member and Major in the Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, where he has achieved Master Level in Aerospace and Senior Level in Safety. He is involved in the specialty tracks of Emergency Services and Education/Training.

Jack thanks God for creating Time so everything doesn’t happen at once.  He’s been around a long time and has had many opportunities to explore and contribute