Dr. Jack Martin

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Dr. John ("Jack") Martin

A specialist in alternative energy technologies and an active researcher and lecturer on a broad range of environmentally sustainable systems worldwide, I have done projects, programs and media.  This site has some of my projects – or as my friend, Arthur calls them, ProJacks!   I am open to a wide variety of consulting projects, from advice to hands-on.  

I have engaged a lifetime studying technic – the way we get things done both artifact and process. And what has become clear to me:

  • Integrate- Do more with less!
  • appropriate- operate with values
  • sustainable-last
  • regenerative-have a plan (DNA) to grow and adapt

I operate all along the tree of knowledge- from the roots to my favorite part the branch tips where new growth, flowers and fruits (next generation) are dancing in the wind and weather turned toward the sun. May I be an able cross pollinator!

Renewable Energy

A combination of renewable energy technologies

such as solar, wind, geothermal, ocean thermal,

biomass, biogas, biogasification can provide us

with local, abundant and inexpensive supply

of power that can be done on an individual basis.

Sustainable Resource Management

A dissertation combined with practical experience owning  recycling and composting services. Teaching Waste Management to university students. 

Developing a sample protocol for the analysis of municipal solid waste and its economic opportunities with Dan Knapp, Urban Ore.

Sustainable Transportation

From bikes to cars, biodiesel to electric and solar-powered.  Hypermiling.  Developing Light Electric Vehicle curriculum, teaching students to build their own. 

Founder and President of the Board, The Triad Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA).

Disaster Recovery

Teaching first aid, driving an ambulance, working in a hospital, being a paramedic and serving with the Civil Air Patrol in Search & Rescue.  Air crew. Disaster recovery efforts with indigenous people who are climate refugees in Louisiana.  Industries in transition.

US Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol

Rank: Major. Aerospace education. Emergency services, search and rescue.   Professional development, education, and training.  Working with senior members and cadets. 

Goal:  Bring sustainability to US Air Force Auxiliary.

Higher Education

Teaching at several universities and community colleges. Adult education. Academic focus on teaching.

As team member of the Lowlander Institute, working with MIT and Harvard on the Roosevelt Project.

Graduate, Space Camp for Educators (Huntsville, Alabama)


Publications, Presentations, Certifications, Classes Taught

Service to the Community

Volunteerism is the path to new opportunities and a great way to learn.

Community service on many fronts:  church, community organizations, boards, educational programs.

Consultant, fellow, supporter

Radio and Media

Since 2005, Solar Jim & Sustainable Jack have been "Bringing The Hope of Sustainability to a Terminal Culture."

The Home Power Hour is a weekly radio show with discussions, interviews, and engaging entertainment.  On community radio WCOM-Carrboro, NC and streaming.


Jack has been involved in a lot of grant applications and has been awarded many.

Storyteller & Entertainer

Sustainable Jack likes to tell stories and entertain.  From being the drum major in his high school, acting in plays in high school, college, and later, playing the  saxophone and singing, to skits and fun times, Jack always has fun and entertains.