Dr. Jack Martin

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Hanging out with the Solar Butterfly World Tour

The SolarButterfly is a solar powered caravan trailer with the shape of a butterfly. It is driving around the world to show that soilutions against Global Warming exist and transformation from fossil fuels to clean renewable energies and other technologies is easy – like the earth-bound caterpillar transforms into a free-flying and independent butterfly!  https://solarbutterfly.org/ 

The tour stopped in Winston-Salem and Charlotte and Sustainable Jack connected with them in both cities.  They even interviewed him for their site.

Sun Trip in California

Student Achievements

Sun Trip 2022
Celebrating a student's success.


STEM Cycle - Electric Cars

Radio (& Public Education)

For almost two decades, Sustainable Jack and Solar Jim have offered up their knowledge, humor, and skills on the Home Power Hour radio.

Handy Village -- Wind Turbines

Light Electric Vehicles

Director of Programs at The Handy Village Institute. Leadership has experience in renewable energy, natural resource management, and community organizing.
The ​Handy Village Institute primarily offers workshops for adults seeking to gain knowledge about and experience in: practicing small-scale energy generation and storage, managing and using water, soil, and vegetation resources on their landscapes, engaging in working relationships with like-minded individuals that will ensure transmission of essential aspects of human culture related to food, shelter, and furnishings.
As e-bikes grow more popular, demand is increasing for skilled technicians. Current LEVA certification trainings are often intense multi-day workshops geared toward working professionals. As a member of LEVA, Martin has offered these types of trainings locally and abroad, most recently in Ludhiana, India to members of their Research and Development Centre for Bicycle and Sewing Machine (RDCBSM). In February, he spent 10 days there conducting interviews with bicycle manufacturers about their needs, managing instructor training and testing electric vehicles.

The Road to Houston (Three part series, documentary)

Class Projects