Dr. Jack Martin

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Many of the activities on other pages of this website include volunteer work.   These are some examples that aren’t necessarily covered elsewhere. 

Working with the Synod of the Trinity (PA & WV) developed the Economic Regeneration Program. Working with John Knight (Urban Institute), Medard Gabel (World Game), Howard Brown (Resource Planning and Management), Hazel Henderson (Alternative Futures), Bob Rodale (Rodale Press).

Integrated Aquaculture with William McClarney and Ron Zwieg of the New Alchemy Institute. Doug Strange, Steven van Gorder of Rodale.

Composting workshop. Bob Deiner, National Environmental Training Center.

Building (helping to build) about 12 houses for Habitat for Humanity. 

1978-1980:  Peace Corps, Aquaculture expert in Nepal. Served in Nepalese Extension Service, building ponds, breeding fish, and educating the community.