Dr. Jack Martin

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Sustainable Jack loves planes, trains, automobiles, and boats. And bikes and tractors and heavy equipment. If it is transportation, he wants to drive it, build it, and know about it. 

Since the 1980s, Jack has been working on designing and building electric vehicles.  He’s done car conversions, truck conversions, and tractor conversions.  

With the Triad Electric Vehicle Association of North Carolina, we’ve done electrical systems upgrades and battery replacements.  With the Light Electric Vehicle Association, Jack has electrified bicycles, trikes, and added solar to them. We have provided the technician training which has been offered worldwide.

TEVA of NC was nationally recognized as one of the best chapters in the country by the Electric Auto Association.

In 2024, light electric vehicles such as bikes and trikes outnumber electric passenger cars ten-fold throughout the world.


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